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Electrospindle, 4th axis (C-axis), and Aggregate Head - these are the components that together make the CNC Work Centre “flexible”.


Using the complete package, the machine can be equipped with supplementary working units that allow a wide variety of machining operations, leaving the “piece” in the same position in the machine.


So why not choose a partner able to supply the whole assembly conceived, designed, constructed and tested as one single unit?


That means one single partner for support and technical assistance, therefore obvious advantages when it comes to skills, reaction times and logistical support.


HSD designs and manufactures all the mechanical parts, guaranteeing 100% interchangeability and configuration with a choice of power levels, dimensions, shapes and performance standards to meet the needs of every CNC machine.


The maintenance and servicing of components is ensured not only by the main Italian site, but also the three branches in China, USA and Germany: a guarantee of an exclusive global service.