Codigo - Cabezales 2 ejes



HSD Axis Motorors.
A Axis max torque: 32Nm; 80Nm
C Axis stall/ Max torque C: 64Nm; 160Nm
Clamping torque Axes brakes A; C: 210;342 Nm
Max speed Axes A; C: 180°/sec; 180°/sec
Measuring system accuracy A;C: 13 arcsec; 13 arcsec (option 5;5)****
A;C Axes rotation: ±120°; ±220°(7kW); ±105°; ±220°(11kW)
A;C Axes endless rotation (Slip Ring): no; option
Axis encoder: yes(AMO)
Axes Brakes: yes pneumatic
Weight: ~75kg

****Values refer to the System Accuracy


ES368 HSK F63
Torque S1-S6: 5,6Nm/6,9Nm Asyn; 8,7kW/10,3kW Synch
Power S1-S6: 7/8,7kW Asyn; 11/13kW Synch
Max Speed: 20.000 Grease (S1 7kW); 24.000 Grease (S1 11kW)
Rated Speed: 12.000 rpm
Spindle Encoder: TTL/sincos (Option)