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HSD presents the new catalogue of Electrospindles for Metal, Alloys & Composites machining.
Designed and produced in the HSD Headquarters of Gradara - Italy, the new range of HSD Metal Electrospindles offer several version in order to find the best solution for your needs.
Manufactured by the thousand for a large number of applications, the Electrospindles for metal machinig features a vast range of powers and working speeds without foregoing high levels of reliability.

With Body Diameter from ø80mm to ø310mm, Electrospindles cover a very wide range, from the ES327 body diameter ø80mm/1Nm which is mainly used for finishing operations, to the ES518 body diameter ø310mm/410Nm used for milling applications; suitable rated torque ratios guarantee high machining precision and excellent performance.

All Electrospindles model have:
- Liquid cooling system
- Ceramic bearings
- Hydraulic tool release

Option available:
- Coolant through shaft with high pressure
- Encoder
- Elongation sensor
- Vibration sensor
- Turning
- Housing

Worldwide Service
By choosing HSD Electrospindles you can also rely on a Wide Global Network with owned Subsidiaries for immediate & qualified support!