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HSD Training Lab

HSD presents the driving force behind its employees' know-how and sales network: the Training Lab.
Wanted and created by our CEO Fabrizio Pierini to make resources more efficient through their training with a balance of skills and skill matrix, the Training Lab designs and delivers tailor-made and standardized courses.

"In HSD we started early to take notes from best practices, to find ourselves today providing training (re-skilling & upskilling) with HSD Training Lab. With it we distribute the "fundamentals", the basics of mechatronics. An example? For a line operator graduated in a technical subject (mechanical or electronic) we formulate specific training courses: reliability techniques, engineering applied to high speed bearings, sensors, etc. If it is true that today we luckily have mechatronics graduated from technical institutes, however we guarantee a path within the company with expert teachers and practical courses". Fabrizio Pierini HSD CEO.

"The HSD Training Lab is mainly aimed to train internal Resources of the Company, but also to new graduates from local Technical Institutes who, before joining our Group and being hired, carry out some dedicated courses. Through competent Staff who have gained years of experience in HSD, we teach trainees mainly technical notions related to mechanical, electronic, therefore mechatronic products, but also and above all the soft skills part related to how you behave in the company, what the company expects from them, what are the transversal skills that they must strengthen and train.
Moreover, one of the aim of the Training Lab is also to give our People chances to undertake growth paths through Job rotationRomina Re HSD HR Business Partner.

We have recently introduced a new delivery method of the "Webinar" in synchronous mode, which will soon be available also in asynchronous mode. This allows us to create standard information modules that can be delivered even without the supervision of the trainer.

In 2019, the HSD Training Lab has trained 236 resources from 8 countries, for a total of 1,600 hours of courses delivery. During the 2019, we provided courses for 34 weeks out of 40 available.