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HST810 Direct Drive 2 Axis Head

HSD provides complete solutions for 5 Axis Machines.
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The HST810 Direct Drive Head offers high precision and high speed machining, granted by Direct Drive Axis Technology, Hydraulic Axis Brakes, Axis Encoder and further features.

Available Electrospindle
>ES510 HSK A63
Torque S1-S6 67Nm / 87,5Nm Synch
Torque S1-S6 55,7Nm / 75,2Nm Synch
Power S1-S6 42kW / 55kW Synch
Power S1-S6 70kW / 94,5kW Synch
Max RPM 18.000 grease(S1 42kW), 24.000 air-oil(S1 42kW), 28.000 air-oil(S1 70kW)

>ES510 HSK A100
Torque S1-S6 95,5Nm / 124Nm Synch
Power S1-S6 50kW / 65kW
Max RPM 12.000 grease - 15.000 air/oil

>ES511 ISO 50 / HSK A100
Torque S1-S6 150Nm / 202Nm Synch
Power S1-S6 47kW / 63,5kW Synch
Max RPM 8.000 grease(ISO50) - 12.000 Grease (A100) - 13.000 air/oil (A100)

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