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HSD & FAGIMA: 5 Axis Made in Italy

It is with pleasure that we present the video interview with Mr. Massimo Falchini, CEO of FAGIMA FRESATRICI S.R.L.
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Fagima Fresatrici Srl was founded in 1976 in Sambuca Val di Pesa, close to the city of Florence; today Fagima produces high-tech customized metalworking 3&5 axis machines ranging from aerospace, naval, precision machinery, die molds and high-fashion sectors. Fagima has also a subsidiary in China in the city of Chongqing.

"The choice of Fagima towards HSD is to equip their machines with high quality Italian products such as Electrospindles, Rotary Tilting Tables and Tilting HeadsWe have a good return from our clients because HSD is a truly high tech company; customers feels confident that they can get a very rapid and widespread assistance service, especially spare parts fast delivery.- Massimo Falchini, CEO of Fagima Fresatrici.

The field experience of Bertini Mekkanica s.r.l about CNC Machine Kreos of Fagima 
"Our customers are multinational companies which operate in the paper, food, oil and also mechanical precision sectors. Fagima Kreos is a very versatile, fast, precise machine, a good example of Made in Italy machine.
In fact all the components, table, head, motors are of high quality, which is exactly what our customers asked for.- Alessandro Bertini, CEO of Bertini Mekkanica​​​​​​.

Wide range of solutions for 5-axis technology
"HSD designs and manufactures a wide range of solutions for 5-axis technology machines, from Rotary Tables, to Birotary Heads, to one axis solutions with a Spindle and built-in Table.
Another advantage for the HSD customer comes from the international focus of the company, which has a series of proprietary branches Worldwide in order to guarantee immediate and qualified pre and post sales assistance, primarily through local staff trained at the Headquarters, and also through an on-site spare parts warehouse delivery
." - Andrea Gianotti, HSD Marketing Manager.