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Battery Cases for Electric Vehicles - Tecno Logica & HSD

“The industrial electrification in the Automotive sector has pushed long-standing car manufacturers to compete with TESLA, which is the primary driver of this innovation, therefore forcing them to tackle this new process very quickly” said Mr. Mirko Piasentin, CEO of “Tecno Logica Srl”, an Italian based company specialized in Industrial Automation, Automotive and Robotics solutions.

A fully machined battery box for electric cars comes out every 160 seconds. High production capacity together with high flexibility; Tecno Logica CNC machines have many HSD spindle units that work on the piece from different stations, combined into a single machine the set of processes that could have been obtained with 5 or 6 traditional CNC machines.

“The new electric automotive sector required an innovative different approach from the previous one; in 2017 we started dealing with the largest project that was taking place in Germany, regarding the machining of Electric battery cases for a well-known German super car manufacturer, and HSD was involved in this project from the beginning”.

Thomas Bickl, Sales Global Manager of Tecno Logica, said: ”Why did we manage to convince many famous German customers in the automotive sector? Because we can map the entire process. We don't just deliver a machine; we provide a solution to an entire problem.HSD helped us very well here because we receive the spindles according to our specifications; the spindles types ES779 work very reliably in 24/7 application. They are prepared for all necessary data transfers that our customers require from us, such as tool vibrations, power consumption, real time spindle speed, age of the tools and so on. Moreover, this new smart solution allows us to check from remote all the information of the Electrospindle, in order to act quickly in an event of failure”.

As stated by Mirko Piasentin, another decisive issue in Automotive Industry is the service and technical assistance:“Electrospindles are crucial components of the Machines, so that it is a big plus that HSD has local subsidiaries for technical services & repairs; in case of need there could be a quick action to solve problems.