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The new Thermal Protection Device from HSD

HSD's THPD - Thermal Protection Device - is designed to fully protect torque motors from the risk of overtemperature problems without having to connect all their individual heat probes, but simply by connecting the emulated output of the THPD module.

THPD can be used in an electrical cabinet or directly on the machine, connected to one or two motors that use a set of three heat probes (KTY84-130 or PT1000), to ensure the thermal protection of the motor itself. The device output has a variable repeated resistor used for the thermal protection of the motors.

THPD has unique characteristics:

    1. Management of up to 6 temperature inputs
    2. Possibility to configure Kty and PT1000 inputs
    3. Possibility to configure PT1000 or Kty emulated output
    4. High immunity to EMC disturbance
    5. High precision
    6. Digital outputs for fault signalling